FratBoys Video #10

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Video: FratBoys Video #10

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FratBoys Videos
Tim, Eddie, Bryce & Jacob: These hot frat brothers have pulled the hotel room’s double beds together so they could all sleep side by side. When they wake up, horny like all young men usually are, they start stroking off and bragging to each other about their first sexual experiences and conquests. Throbbing cocks and tight balls are soon appearing everywhere as the action escalates.

Scotty & Chad: This scene has 19 year old Scotty checking out a blond boy’s naughty pics on the internet. He falls asleep and fantasizes about sucking and licking his dick, and fucking him. We get to see both dreams in living color! Then blond 21 year-old Chad does the same thing: checks out pics of Scotty on the internet, gets boned up, and falls asleep jackin’ on it, until he finds himself in the bathtub with Scotty. Hot French kissing/fondling scenes! Scotty takes Chad back to the bed and pounds his sweet blond ass real good, til Chad shoots a huge load all over Scotty. Then Chad jacks Scotty off and a nice load spooges up to his neck.

Rick: Here is a HOT newcomer – never been taped before in his life: 22 year old ROTC boy RICK. Rick strips, gets hard, and cums – all in the matter of a few minutes! Enjoy his lean, well-defined body, his large endowment, and his mega-gooey load!

Stars: Jacob, Rick, Bryce, Chad, Scotty, Tim, Eddie

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