FratBoy Videos #3

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Video: FratBoy Videos #3

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FratBoys Videos

This Czech exchange student was drifting around the commons in his cool black clothes but got horny and headed indoors for a wank; the universal pastime. Alexander manhandles his uncut cock, making it into a thick pole of flesh for his fantasies to ride on. After pulling his pud for a bit, he jets out a load of cum and rubs it onto his chest and belly.


After wandering around the campus where he’ll be studying for the next three years, Danny goes back to his room, strips down and heads for the shower to get cleaned up. He pays a lot of attention to his cock and gets himself in a jerk off mood. Danny goes back to his bed, whips out a gay porno mag he bought at the campus bookstore and strokes up a rock-hard boner. His cock is oozing precum and when it all gets to be too much, Danny shoots a big load of spunk.

Chris from Cal.Univ.:

Waking from a nap, this punkish FratBoy with cool shades and a backwards ball cap starts stripping right away to gain access to his always-hard cock. He pulls it out of the fly of his jeans for a wank and shucks the pants so he can reach his balls and ass better. The stroking really gets Chris hot and he strokes his balls, ass, abs and pecs while pounding his pud. His tight FratBoy body is a pleasure to watch. Chris rolls himself in a ball and aims his cum shot at his wide-open mouth; tongue extended, trying to catch every drop.


This student has been up late cramming for a test and takes a break by surfing the Fratboys Videos web site. Each new sample pic gets him hotter and hotter until he finally has to pull out his cock and stroke off to the images. Conner’s cock gets longer and harder with each new image on screen. Overpowered by his lust, Conner moves to the couch to continue his jerking frenzy. He puts on quite a show as he exhibits his long hard prick and smooth FratBoy butt. Finally he can’t take it any longer and he spills his load of FratBoy cum.

Todd & Adam:

We catch this young man getting undressed and hopping into the bath. Once there, Todd can’t resist lathering up his pubes and stroking his cock. Todd’s friend, Adam, comes in and joins him in the tub for some bath-time fun. Together they soap up and jerk off. First they do themselves and then each other. Adam and Todd move from the bath into the bedroom and jerk each other off some more before they each take turns going down on the other guy’s cock. Finally it’s cum time and they stand in front of the mirrored wall so they can both splatter their cum on their reflections and watch as the sperm runs down the glass.

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Stars: Todd, Adam, Alexander, Chris, Conner, Danny

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