Dusty: Showing Off At The Men’s Parties

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Video: Dusty: Showing Off At The Men's Parties

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Jocks In Socks Video Productions
When not making videos for All Worlds Video and SX Video, Dusty likes to tease the guys at his local DC Men’s Parties with his rock hard, monstrous cock and beautiful ass and ass hole Tonight is no exception. And now it’s your turn to indulge yourself and enjoy DUSTY.
Scene 1:
In the first scene, Dusty teases the boys with his massive cock; and what a beautiful cock it is; round, thick and always rock hard a true delight for anyone’s mouth or ass hole. It is hard to tell who is enjoying Dusty’s cock more, Dusty or the guys at the club. In fact, if you listen closely, you can even hear the moans and groans of Dusty’s worshipers in the background as they react to his sensual, nasty gyrations. Dusty jerks his cock insatiable; several times getting so close, you think he will cum at any moment. And then finally the moment every one has been waiting for arrives. Unable to contain himself any further, Dusty not only explodes once but twice. WOW. The guys have really turned him on.

Scene 2:
In scene two, Dusty uses his favorite toys to excite his ever edible, pink ass hole. Pumping the dildo in and out, in and out, in and out; until his cock is screaming for relief. But Dusty is in charge and the release will come when Dusty decides, not his cock. His pink asshole gyrates with delight as the envied dildos tease it, devouring every stroke as though it may be the last one it will ever feel. To titillate his audience further, Dusty takes various provocative positions on the couch giving his admirers ever better views of his penetrations and his edible asshole. Finally, nothing can hold back the cum and Dusty makes his final explosion for all to see and enjoy. And boy did they.

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