Dribble, Squirt & Shoot

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Video: Dribble, Squirt & Shoot

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Sean Decker, Taylor McKinley, & Cody Quest:

Finding a video cassette on the table, Sean decided to play it having nothing better to do at the moment. Well, that sure changes when Sean realizes that his buddy, Taylor, did a porn video (showing him in Twink Odyssey). When Taylor and Cody return from a game of basketball, Sean confronts him about his porn star life. After proclaiming that he only tops, Cody notes that he is a bottom. Sean and Taylor decide to take advantage of the situation, both of whom take turns fucking Cody’s hot ass.

Leo Maxx, Pavel Kovacs, & Zack Barlowe:

Leo and Zack welcome Pavel, an exchange student from Slovakia. Yet, this Slovak has only one thing in mind. Right away, all three twinks go right at it. From 3-way sucks to Zack getting his butt plowed by Pavel’s nice cock, these three handsome faces have everything to be grateful for. Pavel previously starred Carolina Foot Friends.

Sean Decker & Tiger Valdez:

Walking along a basketball court, Sean spots a hot Tiger Valdez. After joining him for a little one-on-one, Sean learns that Tiger stars in porn films. Intrigued by the fact that his pal, Taylor, also works in that profession, Sean inquires how he too can become a porn star. Tiger knows just the way. The two return to Tiger’s home and go at it right from the get go. From the fantastic scenery of a pipe organ to a modern day living room, the two guys have a wild all-out party.

Taylor McKinley & Kristian Shai:

Indeed, Kristian has a plan. We first observe Kristian playing with himself – actually not his dick, but a large ball – a basketball. Taylor walks in and thinks Kristian is nuts. In fact, once Taylor sits down, this wild Kristian begins to wrestle him and ask him about his casting couch. Taylor, as always, is in the mood and begins to go at it with Kristian. From hot rimming to Kristian sitting down on Taylor’s huge cock, these guys turn a hot afternoon into a sexfest.

Curtis Daily & Joey Russell:

Curtis Daily challenges Joey Russell, a stripper from New York City, in regards to his basketball technique. But basketball is not necessarily what Curtis has in mind. Reaching for Joey’s crotch, Curtis pulls Joey close to him, passionately kissing him. Soon, each has his clothing off, and then sticks his dick deep into the other’s awaiting hole. Curtis last appeared in Jockstrap Wrestling: Fraternity Style.

Stars: Curtis Daily, Pavel Kovacs, Sean Decker, Taylor McKinley, Joey Russell, Kristian Shai, Leo Maxx, Zack Barlowe, Cody Quest, Tiger Valdez

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