Discipling The Undisciplined Athlete

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Video: Discipling The Undisciplined Athlete

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Bijou Classics
Excellent photography and color highlight this Man’s Hand film filled with sharp close-ups of reddened butt cheeks and dangling cocks and balls.

In Boxer Short, a youthful, fresh Gino Colbert stars as a short boxer with a big chip on his shoulder who imagines sexy and muscular Michael Ryan poking fun at him. Gino settles the score by taking a shoe to Michael’s steely buns while babbling inanities, and when Michael exclaims, “This is so humiliating.” Gino does do a good job of spanking Michael’s taut cheeks, and when Michael inevitably turns the tables on him and bends him over his knee for an open palm flailing, Michael turns in just as energetic a performance.

Sexy Domino Deveraux plays his music too loud for his roommate, John Kass, in Rock ‘N Roll, and naturally must have his round, smooth buttocks spanked.

Next door, antiseptic Kevin Gladstone is having the same problem with his roomie, overalled and lanky John Cleaver, and utilizes the same treatment on his small buns. In a brilliantly shot segment, an aged and flabby Australian coach drones on interminably. He briefly massages and spanks his charges’ luscious ass on a table after practice.

In the Footballer. Blond surfer Eric Talas gets it twice, once from the coach who especially lets him have it, and once from studly hunk Stavios Aoekomas, who picks up where the coach left off. Taut brunet youth Kermit Dean gets his hard butt spanked red by Stavios in a demonstration of resounding whipping.

Finally, in a fantastic twist of intergenerational spanking, muscular daddy Joe Leitel gives arrogant and disrespectful Stavios a taste of his own medicine to show him how to respect his elders, in He’s Back. Joe spanks the tall stud sharply, showing how it’s supposed to be done. A varied collection typical of the Man’s Hand style. The spanking is pretty good.

Stars: Gino Colbert, Michael Ryan, Kevin Gladstone, John Kass, John Cleaver, Domino Deveraux, Joe Leitel

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