Derrick’s Secret

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Video: Derrick's Secret

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Gemini Studios
Str8 muscle man is his most searing video to date. Three years in the making, this traces his anal odyssey from his first small butt plug through an 11″ manrammer dildo, which he makes disappear!! There are 3 hot, juicy cum shots in this video; each with a toy!
Naked in a sling, Derrick is about to have his first anal experience. He spreads his butt, not really knowing what’s about to happen. He is oiled up, groped, felt off and generally played with until he takes matters in his own hand and gets himself hard. Just he is about to cum, a butt plug is inserted into his virgin ass. It doesn’t stop him from cumming.
Naked in a poppa san, he holds his legs up high and wide and spreads his hot butt, saying this would a good position for him to be in for a girl to eat his ass. But we can think of other things that can be done when he’s like this: like sticking him with a butt plug. Which he does, willingly, very willingly! He stays hard and works his dick until he shoots a good load on his hairy thigh.
In his third toy session, he’s wearing a dog collar and looks very hot as he tries a vibrator. It’s getting pretty exciting to see him spread his legs held up very high and very wide with a vibrator sticking out of his ass! Again he shoots a healthy load on his belly. Now he’s totally tanned and shaved and looking fucking hot! Totally gorgeous in fact! He poses on a sofa spreading his butt and getting on his knees to show his bare ass and it’s tight pink hole. No toys here, but plenty of juicy spread butt shots!
On the floor, he shows an assortment of toys: plugs, vibrators, dildos and a cucumber. The sexual tension is terrific and the temperature in the room reaches the boiling point when he stabs his butt with the cucumber!! He gets royally fucked by the cucumber all the time talking about his straight ass and how it’s getting used and fucked! This is really hot, but there’s even more to come!
Finally totally broken in, Derrick shows his favorite dildo: the Manrammer! Watching this 6’2 dark haired incredibly sexy muscle man demand to be fucked by a huge dick is powerful stuff. He doesn’t beg, he demands! And you will want to comply. He is demanding and arrogant in his cry for the biggest dick he can find. Small pinners need not apply, he says. And to prove it, he takes the entire 11” dildo to the hilt talking about it the whole time! To prove his point he sucks on a dildo while he’s fucking his ass and goes really crazy pumping his butt! He flips over on his knees for more hot fucking.
As a bonus, you get to see Derrick suck a cock! This str8t guy does know his way around a dick and gives really good head. Where did he learn that? He’s even wearing nipple clamps while he deep throats a dick and licks on some nuts.

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