Batter Up!

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Video: Batter Up!

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Plain Wrapped
Cheer on the studs of Plain Wrapped Video as they call a time out to tear deep into their jock-framed, sweaty muscle butts! Starring Johnny Rider, Steve Harper, and Brad Dodger, these horny sportsmen make good use out of every piece of sporting gear lying around the dugout! So into the bullpen for some stretching and warm-up exercises – the game is just starting! “Batter Up!”

Scene One

Steve Harper and Brad Dodger are ready to hit the showers after a baseball game but Dodger’s hefty cock sidelines Harper’s attention. Dodger goes in for some of Harper’s thick wood, but Harper would rather have Dodger’s lily-white ass and props it up on a locker room bench for some intensive eating. He hands handsome Harper a massive dildo to loosen things up a bit. Dodger moves through a mountain of toys, each frighteningly bigger than the last. Before long Harper takes advantage of the steel bats lying around the locker room, working the sluggers deep up into Dodger’s pliant hole. Dodger takes control by sitting back on the bat to ride while Harper jacks his own bat-sized cock, jerking off into his catcher’s mitt.

Scene 2

Major League sensation Johnny Rider has strained his back and Austin Black, the team muscle-therapist, wants to get Rider back in action – and he’s got just the equipment. Black pulls out a vibrating hose with a leather-covered softball-sized head to loosen up the athlete’s constricted muscles. Black begins by prying Rider open with his fingers, then pulls out his own thick cock to help stretch Rider’s hole. Rider barely blinks when Black crams his fat dick into his ass; he breathes a bit deeper when Black pitches the same buttballs Brad Dodger took in the first scene, except that rather than taking just one or two as Dodger did, Rider takes five! Finally, Rider’s hole dispenses with the toys and sucks Black’s fist and forearm in deep.

Scene 3

A slap on the ass in the dugout leads to some heavy scoring between Beau Lyons, Jason Scott, Nick Holliday and Zak Anders. While Lyons and Scott mess around on the bench, Anders strips down the rugged Holliday, who leans up against the wire fence while getting his ass slapped. Lyons and Scott start priming their own impressive bats in a sweaty stroke off between two fine young performers. After Beau Lyons shoots his wad, the two abscond to more private quarters. Zak Anders and Nick Holliday strip down to their jockstraps. Holliday’s asscheeks are bordering on purple from Anders’ heavy smacks; after all that knocking, he finally lets Anders in. Anders pulls on some latex gloves and greases up the hog bottom. Then, after some preliminary poking around, Anders slips him a knuckleball. This is not Holliday’s first time around the wrist and he takes ten of Anders digits with aplomb. Jim Decker, a ballboy, walks in on the two ass-masters and immediately dives for Anders’ stiff meat. Anders takes the bait, but then shoves the boy’s face into Holliday’s well-worn ass. It’s batting practice again as Anders unveils the stainless steel bat that Dodger so smartly took in the first scene. After pumping it up Holliday’s ass, he decides he wants both rookies to take one for the team — a double-header that Decker and Holliday ride in tandem. Holliday heads for the showers, leaving Anders to focus his attention on Decker. Decker sacrifices deep into his dugout and scores!

Stars: Austin Black, Johnny Rider, Nick Holliday, Steve Harper, Zak Anders, Jason Scott, Jim Decker, Beau Lyons, Brad Dodger

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