Uncooped Chicken: Part II, Chance Meeting In The Gym

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Video: Uncooped Chicken: Part II, Chance Meeting In The Gym

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Prime Beef
Roommates Gideon and Casper have gone to Atlanta to spend the weekend fucking and cruising, two 18-year-olds on the prowl, with hard cocks and evil minds. While Gideon goes down to get some breakfast, Casper hits the gym, where he discovers a most welcome site. Brandon Aguilar is working out on the treadmill, and the two start up a conversation about roommates, with Casper confiding in Brandon about his discovery of sex with his roommate, Gideon. Brandon likes what he hears and agrees to meet Casper back in the bathroom.

In the bathroom clothes come off as the two guys kiss and suck each other, with lots of attention given to ass-play. Each guy finds the others asshole and digs deep with their tongue. Soon Casper has his legs spread on the sink with Brandon’s cock slamming into him, while he leans over and kisses young Casper.

Soon the two move to the shower, then the bedroom, where the pair are caught by a returning Gideon. Gideon is intrigued, and soon his roommate Casper has his 9″ cock out, running his tongue around the foreskin. All guys get naked and continue kissing, as well as sucking cock and eating ass. Horny Gideon upends Brandon and starts fucking him, while kissing Caper, letting all three guys experience the shrill orgasms that let loose at the end, with the roommates enjoying the touch – and taste – of the salty cum.

Stars: Brandon Aguilar, Gideon Lee, Casper Michaels

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