Take One For The Team

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Video: Take One For The Team

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Todd and Andel enter the locker room naked and then proceed to ritualistically (tantalizingly) get dressed, donning their macho football gear: jockstraps, pads, tights, helmets. Rarely has a scene of two gorgeously physiqued dudes getting suited up been so teasingly hot, mainly because Todd and Andel probably started tearing off each other’s gear the very instant they finished putting it on!

After their not-so-grueling practice, we watch Todd and Andel ritualistically head butt and pound each other’s shoulder pads in a mannish fashion… and then spank and grope each others’ asses, also in a mannish fashion, but with considerably more demonstrable homo-lust. They make out feverishly and bump and grind against each others’ stiffening jock bulges and then simulate doggie-style ass-fucking and obedient-bitchboy cocksucking, while still wearing their tights.

Some hole-probing with tasty fingers ensues, and both guys perform deep-gag favors on each other’s sturdy, mouth-watering meat. Todd then spins Andel around, lubes up his arse and charges in with his throbbing, latex-wrapped fuck-lance.

The remainder of this incendiary pairing has a definite “American Gladiators” feel to it, as Todd and Andel fuck with their shoulder pads still firmly strapped on! Andel probably got the camera (and maybe even the lucky cameraman) all sticky with his juicy low-angle cum gush, delivered while Todd’s thick meat is still piston fucking Andel’s squeezed-tight boy hole. Todd then gushes off a thick wad while bare-grinding Andel’s smooth ass.

Frosted muscle hunk Sean West carries a mouth-cramming uncut cock, and it gets dutifully sucked by button-cute jock stud Cody Scott. They carry on with some quasi-piggish pit-licking, face sucking, lycra-grinding, anus-licking, hole-slamming Tom-foolery in the locker room.

Next is another football themed – well, soccer-themed – three-way in a frat house rec room. Ever-randy Todd Winters is back, looking even wilier in soccer gear than he did earlier in shoulder pads, though it makes one wonder if he’s confused about playing two sports with the same name. Smoldering hot Todd offers his enthusiastic blowjobbing skills to aptly cute muscle boy teammates Toby O’Connor and Justin Wells who, feigning some unexplained reluctance, take a needlessly long time to respond in the affirmative.

Now it’s time to get wet, as swimmers Jason Ridge and Eddie Stone pose for a medal ceremony. Some lascivious groping and ogling in the shower starts things off, prompting stiff cocks that get sucked to the root and puckering asses that get tongue-fucked hungrily. And pounded heartily, as both take turns piston-fucking each other’s man hole, capped off with an ooey gooey cum gush onto a pair of white Speedos.

Stars: Cody Scott, Sean West, Toby O’Connor, Jason Ridge, Justin Wells, Andel, Eddie Stone, Todd Winters

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