Steamy Encounters

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Video: Steamy Encounters

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Watch as these muscular horny guys suck and fuck each other all over the gym, locker room and hot spas. Just another day at the local steam works! Tattooed muscle daddy Til Wegman picks up T.P. Deaux in the locker room and the two of them go at it in the hot water spa, and then in the shadowy labyrinth of glory holes. After recovering, T.P. checks out the gym, where he joins 6 muscular, horny guys sucking, rimming, and fucking like dogs in heat. Count the cum shots as 7 studs including Conner Habib, J.J. MacArthur, Manuel, Mas Power, Mike Nash, and Ryan Ryder cap off their workouts with some good old fashioned man play. If there’s a combination of mouths, asses, and dicks not explored in this orgy, you’ll be hard-pressed to find it!

Stars: Manuel, Ryan Ryder, T.P. Deaux, Max Powers, Til Wegman, Conner Habib, Mike Nash, J.J. Macarthur

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