Muscle Butt Sluts

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Video: Muscle Butt Sluts

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Jocks In Socks Video Productions
There is nothing like the muscles on a well toned, butch, male body — particularly the muscle between the legs. In this first muscle video by Jocks in Socks, they explore those muscles, paying particular attention to that one between the legs. Enjoy as our Muscle Butt Sluts pump all those muscle to all new heights and hardness.

Scene 1:

In our first scene Matt Bjorn, after his morning run down his back alley, decides to conduct his normal morning workout in the partial nude. Working out always turns Matt on and this morning is no exception as Matt reveals a hard on as massive as any muscle on his well toned body. As Matt gyrates through his morning exercises, his massive hard on flipping and flopping to the rhythm of his movements, we are treated to a visual orgy of the muscles and curvatures of his well toned body. Working out always makes Matt heat up, so he decides to continue his work out completely nude…save his white socks (of course). Half way through the workout, we are treated to a slide presentation that even better highlights Matt’s butt, asshole, hard on and his muscular curvatures; and then back to more sensual gyrations on video. This time Matt spends time toning his butt, and what a butt…big, round, bubbly and firm; just the way we all like them. Finally, the workout has turned Matt on too much and he simply must release his inner tensions and what a release, like a massive fireworks display. Finally it is time for him to rest and for us to rest as well. What a Muscle Butt Slut!

Scene 2:

In our second scene, Jocks in Socks ever popular Daniel Daring shows off his well developed body…different than Matt’s but just as sensual. Daniel begins by engaging in his favorite narcissus past time — jerking off in front of a mirror…something, he obviously greatly enjoys. He then migrates to the bed where he makes sure we are given up close views of his beautiful butt and ass hole as well as that massive hard on. Halfway through the scene, we are treated to a slide presentation that further clarifies Daniel’s curvatures, butt, asshole and that bulging cock. Returning to the video, Daniel continues his gyrations, this time talking directly to the audience, making us all feel like we right there in the room with Daniel and just inches away from grabbing and devouring his manhood or rimming that bubbly butt. How hot can it get? Finally, we have turned Daniel on far too much and he must shoot, and does he ever shoot, you have to see it to believe it. What a Muscle Butt Slut!

And as usual with Jocks and Socks, the video ends with a replay of all the cum shots in the video.

Stars: Matt Bjorn, Daniel Daring

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