Lockerroom Fever

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Video: Lockerroom Fever

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Bijou Classics
In Jocking Around, Billie Joe Evans (a.k.a. David Ashfield) is sticking his big dick into Steve Decker’s ass on the bench in a locker room when blond, big-dicked Brian Hawkes walks out of the shower and shoves his hard cock into Steve’s mouth. These three investigate almost every position available. Jock Itch, Part One opens with Tige McMasters masturbating while smelling a jockstrap belonging to his coach, Mitch Taylor. The coach watches him, aroused. He takes Tige over his knee and spanks him, then fucks his reddened ass.

Tige must have liked this, because Jock Itch, Part Two has him going to the coach’s house, hoping for more of the same. He gets more than he bargained for from the coach and his roommate, hung and foreskinned Giorgio Canali (a.k.a. Rocco Rizzoli), with the three of them ending up in a daisy chain fuck in the bedroom after uninhibited and raunchy butt-eating. This first sound video from Nova Studios is a disappointment but not a total one. The dubbed-in dialogue is silly but the sex is good. The best action is when Canali enters the picture. Recommended but turn down the volume.

Stars: Mitch Taylor, Steve Decker, David Ashfield, Brian Hawks, Tige Mcmasters, Georgio Canali

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