Boxer Boys

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Arena Entertainment/South American Pictures
There’s going to be some serious poundings taking place in this ring, and its all ass poundings! The squared circle has seen many fights, but I doubt you’ve ever seen one quite like this. These guys are not only out for your blood, but they’re also out for ass & dick! This is the only time you will ever see a fight where all “LOW BLOWS” are welcomed, and no one gets counted out. This incredibly hot and sexy South American studs are on an all out battle for the bulge, “in their trunks that is”, and no one is safe. If you want to get yourself off to some steamy hot sex, than this is one title you don’t want to pass up. What more could you want-hot guys, big cocks, buffed bodies, and tight asses?

Stars: Fabio Cesar, Renato Furacao, Roberto, James Matarazo, Thiago, Alan Marcelo, Adam Persio, Renan Fabregat

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