Blue Collar Battles 2

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Video: Blue Collar Battles 2

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Riley hires Jonny to gut his warehouse, but can’t believe the $12,000 cost. Jonny tells him they’ll wrestle…if I win you pay me, if you win I’ll cut the cost in half. Riley wins, Jonny reduces his fee…but both leave VERY happy men! Bailey’s cleaning up as he was told. Chase, being the fuck up he is, won’t work. Baileey tells him let’s take it to the mat, I’ll kick your ass for not working. Bailey kicks ass…and fucks Chase’s ass hard for good measure! Ben’sthe forman on a remodeling job, but sees little progress. He yells at the crew and a revolt breaks out. Joe being biggest and meanest starts to kick Ben’s ass and all hell breaks loose. Not only do all 4 guys fight, but all get to enjoy each other as only guys who work together know now… All kinds of hard problems are solved.

Stars: Ben Foster, Baileey, Riley Burke, Chase Evans, Joe Strong, Tyler Michaels, Jonny Mack, Lee Covington

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