Bath House Chronicles Vol. 4 – Rough & Raw Jacuzzi Fuck

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Video: Bath House Chronicles Vol. 4 - Rough & Raw Jacuzzi Fuck

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Foreskin Frenzy!
What is there for two well toned, horny hunks to do in a bath house beside fuck?! Their bodies glisten in the water cascading from the shower head as they squeeze and fondle one another. One man drops to his knees to fill his mouth with hard cock, and ends up getting face fucked. He is then pulled to his full height, roughly turned around, forced up against the wall and fucked hard and raw from behind!

They move out of the shower to the Jacuzzi, where they engage in a variety of positions. They’re rough, eager to fulfill their primal desires with each other! They do ATM several times throughout the scene, pulling that uncut, raw cock out of their ass to suck it clean! When they’re just about spent, they briefly jerk off together, leaving loads on hairy chests and toned legs.

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