Bare Brit Brawler Boys

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Video: Bare Brit Brawler Boys

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Puppy Productions
Bare Brit Brawler Boys has the right combination of testosterone and sex! Andy Flyer, the coach, is getting his boys ready for competition – teaching them a few of his signature moves. The boys decide to do a few moves on their own with each other.

Towel boy, Leo Mack, is always watching. First he catches Aaron Slater slam-fucking Luka Nike’s power hole in the shower. Leo jerks his meat until he pops a juicy white load! Then the peeping pervert watches Tel Travis & Ben Sherman suck each other’s big fat uncut cocks but just can’t hold back and joins in. This is a pump & dump scene like you’ve never seen!

Nikos Laz & Daniel Lewis decide they want a little oil action in their moves. They lube each other up and slide around till Daniel’s pulsating cock slips into Nikos’ tight rosebud! As the semi-finale, the wrestlers grab Leo and use his holes as they please! Each of them shoots a hot creamy load on him!

Coach Andy walks in only to catch them finishing up on him and gives them a tongue-lashing. The boys grab him and proceed to de-pants him! Watch the brawler boys put the moves on each other with their huge uncut cocks and their cock-sucking lips. Load after load…they just keep cumming!

Stars: Andy Flyer, Jason Lee, Nikos Laz, Luka Nike, Steve Strong, Leo Mack, Aaron Slater, Ben Sherman, Daniel Lewis, Tel Travis

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