What I Did For Sex

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Video: What I Did For Sex

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What would YOU do for sex? For these sexy guys, getting an A in school is achievable with the right favors. Oral, anal and group sex between hot studs in the classroom! Here is a story of blackmail, morals, friendship and youthful college escapades.

In the first hot scene, Jerod Stevens plays the horny brain and strikes a deal to do a jock’s term paper if the jock does naked push ups in exchange. Things heat up, and the jock winds up getting it up the ass from the horny genius in a super hard and hot fuck scene. Next is the schoolroom, where a tame and obedient class turns into a mass orgy with Adam Wolfe (hands stretched up on cover) doing the sex-pig number like nobody else! After a brief stint at the gym, Johnny Justice blows Mr. IQ as they do the universal machine. Then it is the year’s most celebrated event…the wrestling match. Now, the plot takes a real turn – you’ll be shocked, but we’ll leave this a surprise! Last but not least, the jock has a house party, where everyone has good sex that’s sparked by a short game of strip poker.

Rarely has a movie combined an intriguing story and hot sex so well! Adam Wolfe’s body and dick will leave you restless, at least for the rest of the night. Enjoy!

Stars: Nick Stone, Adam Wolfe, Jerod Stevens, Johnny Justice, Andrew Blaze, Baron Long, Tully

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