Tie Me Up Jerk Me Off – Frat Initiations #13

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Video: Tie Me Up Jerk Me Off - Frat Initiations #13

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Bunghole Buddies Bang Away As the pledge master warns, the two buddies pledging together are bound to do whatever he says if they expect to be part of the fraternity. These two look a bit fearful to start, and for some reason they remain convincingly afraid of the pledge master throughout. Later in the scene it appears that the reason is jealousy. The pledge played by Kirk Kelley clearly likes the other pledge, and he doesn’t like the fact that the pledge master gets to have his way with him as well. He was hoping to be ordered to suck and fuck him and get fucked by him without the pledge master joining in on the fun. But lo and behold, the pledge master, played by Fernando Montoya, wants that dick for himself. Not only does he help himself to Kirk’s desirable buddy, but he sandwiches himself between them, pounding the hell out of Kirk’s ass as he takes his buddy’s long shaft. The taunting is delectable, and the hard ass pounding is a treat to watch. You can imagine yourself in control, pushing your dick into a cute young ass while that guy’s buddy has a hard cock ramming your hungry hole. Without a doubt, the cum shots in this scene are from horny young studs, as they shoot clear across the guy lying down and slam against the legs of the guy on the other side. The pledge master is drenched in a pool of creamy cum to conclude the ceremony of bonding. Whose Pleasure is it Anyway? Joey Landis is the pledge master in this scene, and he is initiating Christian Cox, a very young looking Twinkie who obviously heard what goes on during the initiations and decided that’s exactly what he wants. Especially since this pledge master is very well endowed. It takes all of about 10 seconds for our pledge master to get the pledge on his knees sucking cock, and when it comes time for the anal hazing, young Christian is insatiable. He takes a monster dildo up his tight little ass so far you swear it will have to come out of his throat. When the pledge master gets his cock up the pledge’s ass, he takes his time plunging in and out, enjoying the warmth that Christian’s ass provides along his lengthy shaft. Again, these young men are chock full of hot creamy cum and unload their healthy stash of sperm with pleasure. First Christian shoots while getting fucked, then the pledge master sprays all over his body. Initiations ceremony aside, it is impossible to tell who has more fun. I guess it depends on whether you like to dominate or be dominated. Take your pick.

Stars: Kirk Kelley, Joey Landis, Christian, Fernando Montoya

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