The Schoolboy And The Cameraman

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Video: The Schoolboy And The Cameraman

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I’ve been dying to get my hands on Dragon from the moment I first laid eyes on him. While filming him in action with other black guys, it’s taken all the self-control I can muster to refrain from copping a quick feel or jumping in on the action. At first it looked like my dreams of enjoying Dragon for myself would never be fulfilled. He told me from the start that the only way he’d even consider doing a scene with a white guy was if the guy ”looked like Leonardo Di Caprio,” so I took that to mean that a scene with an average-looking white guy nearly twice his age was totally out of the question! I also knew that Dragon wasn’t an escort like a lot of gay black boys I know, so getting into this young stud’s pants seemed like a remote possibility at best!

I didn’t even bring up the idea of doing such a scene until we’d worked together a few times and Dragon had grown to know and trust me a little better. He wasn’t too sure about the whole idea at first, but after a little bit of negotiating, he eventually consented to doing a scene with me. This movie shares with you every hot, unforgettable moment from my special night with Dragon, and let’s you see for yourself why I say I’m the luckiest cameraman on the planet!

Scene 1:

It ends up being a night of firsts for Dragon. In addition to doing his first interracial scene, Dragon reluctantly agrees to take dildos for the very first time. When I bring out the biggest of my three dildos, Dragon’s jaw drops to the floor and he looks at me as if to say, ”And you’re expecting me to put this gigantic thing WHERE exactly?!?”

Impatient for the fun to begin, I instruct Dragon to stand in the middle of the floor. With my heart pounding in anticipation, I move in behind him and pull his body tightly against mine. ”You don’t know how much I’ve been looking forward to this,” I tell Dragon as I nuzzle his warm neck and slowly begin stripping him out of his clothes. I take my time undressing him, letting my hands roam greedily all over his body, groping and grasping every inch of his bare flesh for the first time. My exploration of his body continues as I bend him over my futon and fondle his ass, dick, and balls.

Sitting next to Dragon on my futon, I lean in to kiss him for the very first time. I savor the sensations of his thick, luscious lips pressed against mine and explore his sweet mouth with my tongue. Then I dive between his legs for my very first taste of the dick I’ve been drooling over for weeks. As it stretches to full hardness in my mouth, it gives my poor jaws quite a workout. But I remind myself how lucky I am to be doing this at all, and try my best to show Dragon my gratitude.

Next, I bury my face between Dragon’s beautiful brown cakes and get my tongue up that sweet schoolboy ass! Knowing this might be my one and only chance to feast on Dragon’s delicious hole, I lick and slurp and tongue-fuck it in several positions. It’s funny to watch Dragon’s eyes roll back into his head as he enjoys the pleasurable sensations. I also pull apart Dragon’s cheeks to show off his tempting pink asshole. By the way, it smells and tastes every bit as good as you’ve imagined it does!

Dragon goes through a roller coaster-ride of reactions to trying dildos for the very first time. As I attempt putting my three dildos up his ass one at a time, Dragon is sort like the ”Goldilocks” of gay porn. He absolutely hates the first two dildos, wincing and frowning with discomfort. But when it comes time to try out the last (and biggest) of the three, he experiences a dramatically different reaction! You’ve really got to witness it for yourself, but let’s just say this part of the scene concludes with a surprising and spectacular cumshot!

Of course I couldn’t send Dragon home without sampling his hot mouth for myself! At first he teases me by sucking on my dick through my boxers. Then he pulls it out, puts it between his warm, wet lips, and proceeds to give me a blowjob I won’t soon forget! I grab Dragon’s head with both hands and thrust eagerly in and out of his mouth. ”It feels just as good as I thought it would,” I tell him, smacking my slobber-soaked dick against his tongue, lips, and chin. Dragon kneels between my legs as I sit on the futon and pump my cock deep in his throat. When I simply can’t last any longer, I order Dragon onto his back and then fuck his cute mouth before unleashing stream after stream of hot cum all over his tightly clenched face.

Lucky for us, Dragon was still horny enough to stroke out a SECOND nut for his fans! The scene concludes with Dragon sharing his thoughts about the evening. (The lighting in this scene is a bit brighter than usual in places – I had just purchased some new lighting equipment and was still figuring out how to use it.)

Stars: The Cameraman, Dragon

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