Mike And Heith

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Video: Mike And Heith

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Pegasus Productions
Scene 1:

Mike came to me through one of my ads. We spoke on the telephone and made an appointment for the shoot. When he arrived at the site, I was pleasantly surprised. Mike is a great looking guy with a nice body so I started really looking forward to the shoot. Mike is a student at a local college and is an avid motorcyclist. His latest ride was a beautiful rocket and I wanted to take it for a ride myself but work had to be done….sigh. Even though this is Mike’s first ever shoot he seemed really comfortable in front of the camera. He had the right knack of playing to the camera that a lot of models do not have. He slowly strips off his clothes and reveals a nice sized dick and begins to work it until it gets nice and hard.

Mike kneels on the bed for a while and lets his nuts hang loose and free. Quite the nice picture. Laying back down he goes to work on his cock again and slowly brings himself to the point of no return. He cums laying down with a nice shot onto his stomach. Before he left he mentioned that he had a friend and lover and would I like to tape the two of them together. Well…duh!!! I said sure and made arrangements for his next shoot.

Scene 2:

Here we are 3 weeks later with Mike again and his buddy Heith. Heith is a great guy and a total bottom. He can’t wait to get going and feel Mike up his butt. The two of them take their time striping each other and slowly get naked. Mike gets to go first and works Heith’s big dick over, loving the whole scene. Heith loves Mike’s dick and goes right down on it and slurps it up to the base.

After working over Mike delicious cock Heith slides Mike down on the couch and sits right on it and starts riding it bareback, like a pro. Mike gets with the program too and pumps away on Heith’s ass. Soon, Mike rolls Heith over onto his back and pumps away for all he’s worth. Next Mike rolls Heith over and fucks him doggy style. I think Mike likes this the best and he keeps in this position until ready to blow. When Mike lays back on the couch Heith takes over and milks Mikes dick with a very sexy stroking. Take a look at Mike face while this is going on….ecstasy…..!!

This is a short shower scene after the shoot. They are very comfortable with each other and the banter is a lot of fun to hear.

Stars: Mike, Heith

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