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Video: Ivy League

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Oh those Ivy League boys, how hot they are and what secrets they hold behind the closed door of the very exclusive fraternity. But what have to guess what type frat Erik Rhodes and his fellow frat brothers run as the put three new pledges through the steps to prove they are good enough to join the League in this Falcon Studio video.

Erik has selected three very, young hot guys, Ryan Wade, Zachary Ryan, and Tony Martin, to receive the League’s invitation to express their potential at the frat house. Each get their invitations and are brought to the house to told how it’s the most exclusive frat there is, of the finest, best men from all over; and how they will be pushed beyond their limits to see if they truly measure up for membership.

Ryan Wade is the first pledge that shows what he has, in the workout room no less, with Jason Adonis. Jason goes over what he knows about the boy and has him strip down to his tighty whiteys. Ryan is somewhat reluctant at first but belts out a “Yes Sir !” with eagerness to please in his tone when questioned about his hesitation. Jason gets Ryan to on the bench press, seeing what he can lift, especially his fat cock but again it takes a little direct order for Ryan to start sucking cock. The cameraman seems just as shy as Ryan, as most of the cocksucking is seen from nearly across the room. Once Ryan gets started though Ryan is sucking Jason’s ass, which leads to Jason fucking that tight, smooth, bubble butt of Ryan’s that the cameraman finally gives us better view of the action.

The next pledge, Zackary really shows that he’s the man this frat wants as he interviews with Eddie Stone. Eddie is the tub and tells how his Dad’s company could be a great client for Zak’s Dad’s company and it’s just how he shows his willingness to mix a little business with some pleasure that might just help seal the deal. Zak isn’t at first sure what Eddie means but goes ahead strips & gets into the adjoining shower and gives Eddie a highlight of what he has to offer. Eddie is certainly ready to do business by telling Zak to get into the tub. Zak claims to be new to all this manly attention to his cock & ass by Eddie’s tongue but when they go the bedroom Zak sure knows how to fuck Eddie’s ass. Eddie is fucked allover that bed and even shoots his load while Zak continues to ram his big cock & in out of Eddie’s ass. Zak does cum while admiring himself in the mirror as Eddie worships him on his knees alongside Zak.

The third pledge, Tony Martin meets with Roman Heart, who has heard Tony is a silver tongue wizard, meaning he’s a good talker, and asks him to talk him out of fucking his sweet, little, smooth ass over the pool table. Tony says he isn’t into that kind of thing but like any willing pledge allows Roman to pulls his pants down and start eating that ass. So much for not being into that kind of thing as Tony has one fucking raging hard-on. Oh yeah he takes it up the ass too; after getting Roman cock good & hard with that great tongue of his.

These pledges get into even more action together with Erik Rhodes but I’ll let you see if the boys make it into the frat. Otherwise like with all Falcon Videos this one, with that one exception mentioned previously, is done excellently in camera, lighting, and sound.

Stars: Rick Donovan, Michael Thomas, Rance Edwards, Ken Colbert, Randy Davidson, Danie Conners

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