Frathouse Guys

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Video: Frathouse Guys

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Street Corner Studios
In Blade Thompson’s Phi Kappa Sucka, twelve young ‘n hot frat guys have a special way to initiate new pledges! First, newcomer Cory Austin befriends exchange student Victor Biorn and gets a lesson in his foreign tongue, then, it’s the return of Vince Cobretti to the porn screen, taking a break from his studies to plow Anthony Vega. Finally an 8-man orgy that overtakes the house with sex toys and a gangbang on Sweet Williams. Also, Starring Codey Fields, Alex Stone, Stone Harris, Reo, Chaz Carloton, Jeff Mitchell and Brett Williams.

Stars: Brett Williams, Sweet Williams, Chaz Carlton, Anthony Vega, Cody Fields, Alex Stone, Stone Harris, Jeff Mitchell, Vince Cobretti, Reo, Victor Biorn, Cory Austin

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