Fraternity II – Initiation

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Video: Fraternity II - Initiation

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Man’s Hand Films
We are behind the scenes at Chi-Delta-Phi during spring rush, as they welcome a class of six fresh new pledges. Each of the hopeful young men are assigned a “Big Brother” who will guide them through the process — including the dreaded initiation. Our cameras follow Scott, the tall, handsome pledge, as his Big Brother, Kurt, demonstrates just how the Chi-Delta’s transform pledges into full-fledged brothers. Kurt starts by warming up the seat of Scott’s pants with his hand, before making him retrieve the traditional fraternity paddle. Scott gets paddled on his white briefs — and then on the bare butt — wincing in misery every time the thick wood connects with his exposed ass. Then, to make Scott feel better about the situation, Kurt assures him that he received the same treatment when he was a pledge, as we flashback to watch Kurt’s big brother, Ty, giving him an equally intense paddling.

Stars: Joey, Cliff Warner, Scott Tandy, Kurt Traynor, Max Wilde, Clay Lawson, Dave Pferde, Clay Hanks, Mark Harness

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