FratBoys Video #9

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Video: FratBoys Video #9

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Eighteen-year-old Eddie wakes up from a night of horny dreams and his boner and balls are sticking out the fly of his white boxers and he just has to stroke his morning wood. He goes over to the hotel’s wall of windows to stroke off for the whole city to see. Eddie then drops his boxers and now he’s naked and exposed. Eddie moves into the bathroom and hops onto the vanity so that he can jerk off to a powerful climax side-by-side with himself.

Jacob made a bet with Tim and Bryce and he won … that means that they have to suck his cock. Ok, boys, time to pay up! The losers lick and nibble on Jacob’s cock until it is rock hard and then Bryce jumps in and slides the shaft into his hot young mouth. When Bryce moves down to lick Jacob’s nuts Tim gets his lips around Jacob’s hard dick. These guys decide it’s better to share and they take turns being the guy in the middle, getting their dicks sucked by the other two dudes. Tim is a cock hungry guy and soon he is trying to suck both Jacob and Bryce at the same time. Tim creams first, then Bryce shoots a geyser of cum onto Tim’s chest, and finally Jacob squeezes out a trail of cum onto Tim’s nipple.

A lesson in French turns from playful toe-counting to an erotic naming of the body parts as they remove each other’s clothing. Touch a part, name the part. When Sean touches Pierre’s cock they trade names for it in both languages then abandon the lesson in favor of lust! Pierre frees Sean’s cock first and sucks it to full hardness, then Sean pulls Pierre’s massive uncut cock from his shorts and it is already hard and ready. Sean is all over Pierre’s cock and just cannot get enough of that long French dick down his throat.

Sean is a bottom boy, so when Pierre starts to finger fuck him he’s happy, but when Pierre shoves that big French cock up his ass, he is ecstatic! Pierre fucks Sean on his knees, on his side, and on his back with his legs high in the air. They finish off by jerking themselves to powerful orgasm and covering Sean in two loads of hot fuck-juice!

Stars: Jacob, Bryce, Pierre, Sean, Tim, Eddie

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