FratBoy Videos #5

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Video: FratBoy Videos #5

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FratBoys Videos
Adam…This session is shot entirely outdoors, in beautiful Golden Gate Park, overlooking San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. Really! Dark haired and smooth bodied Adam looks twice to make sure no one is watching, and then he unbuttons his fly and pulls out his dick. The wind is blowing loudly in the microphone but your eyes will be glued to Adam’s dick so don’t worry. With his pants around his ankles, Adam works up a nice hard-on with all of San Francisco watching from just across the bay. Adam plays with his ass, inserting a finger to tickle his “spot”, while stroking his cock. Adam squirts out a powerful load as the foghorns blast and the boats go sailing by.

Conner…This slender young man is hiding a monster in his pants and it’s going to amaze you. Conner’s the type of guy you might not give a second look to as you pass in the hall, but under his clothes is a king sized piece of meat that commands attention. When people talk about beer-can cocks they must be talking about Conner and his power-tool. Conner’s tight nuts and fuzzy ass crack are icing on the cake. The cameraman is impressed too so he gets in there with a helping hand and even an ass-probing finger. A big cock makes you think there’s going to be a big load…and Conner does not disappoint. His mammoth meat spills a gallon of jizz all over his belly and pubes.

Sebastian…This tall and lanky young man pulls off his white boxer briefs to reveal a nice cut cock and trimmed pubic bush. As his dick gets harder and harder you’ll notice the very large cum-hole. I bet you could get your tongue into that hole without any problems at all, and I’d bet the cameraman tried.

Sebastian rolls over and gets on his knees so we can get a good look as his butt, and it’s a nice, smooth, round butt. A butt to fall in love with. Sebastian’s getting close now and his body tenses up for the climax as he covers his tummy in his fratboy cum.

Andrew & Doug…moppy haired Andrew and dark haired Doug are two frat buddies getting together to have a little fun for the camera. They start out all shy, but soon they loosen up a bit and the clothes start to disappear and the hands start to wander. Before long these two hotties are doing on camera what they’ve only done late at night, in secret, in their frat houserooms. Naked now, Andrew and Doug stroke each other’s cocks and then Doug breaks the ice big-time by going down on Andrews hard dick. Well, that just opens the floodgates and the guys trade blowjobs like crazy. This gets them really hot and they lean back to stroke themselves off to powerful simultaneous orgasms.

Peter…This young fratboy is new to the whole exhibitionist thing, but he’s eager and he hope’s you’ll like what he has to offer. With a straight porno playing in the VCR it’s not long before Peter’s dick is swelling. He pulls it out the top of his pants and start to beat off like a pro…I think he’s really starting to enjoy being a show-off for the camera. That cameraman gets into the act, caressing Peter’s chest, and rubbing his leg. He even gets to stroke the young man’s cock while Peter leans back, enjoying a man’s hand on his dick for the first time in his life. It’s all too much for Peter and he shoots a wad of cum that covers his body all the way from his belly button to his chin. Yup, I think Peter likes it!

Stars: Adam, Sebastian, Andrew, Conner, Peter, Doug

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