FratBoy Videos #2

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Video: FratBoy Videos #2

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FratBoys Videos
Tim…This smooth young FratBoy is really 18 years old, but his baby-face might fool you! This is as close as you’re going to get to chicken and still stay out of jail! As soon as he whips out his 7.5″ cock though, you’ll know he’s a real man! John’s cock has a nice downward curve that would make it perfect for sucking if you were kneeling at his feet and looking up into his baby-face. John looks a little nervous as the cameraman feels him up and strokes his cock, but he stays hard so he must like it! He pops his load on his tight smooth belly.

Pledging A Frat…When you pledge a frat, you have to do some pretty gross things. As a pledge, Steve gets blindfolded and told that his ordeal is going to be videotaped. The frat-boy have the pledge remove one piece of clothing after another and when he discovers the pledge has a boner the frat-boy decides to have some fun!

After taunting the pledge with what could happen if he behaves badly, the frat-boy pulls out his own heavy cock and makes the pledge stroke it and then take it deep into his mouth. They play in lots of positions until they both cum buckets of jizz. This pledge is sure to be welcomed into the frat house enthusiastically!

Tim…This 18 year old college kid gets home and hops into the shower. He’s tall and slender and has the cutest boy-butt going! As he lathers up, his cock starts to swell and lengthen. Tim toys with his pecker as he showers, but when he’s nice and clean he goes to the bedroom for the real fun!

Removing Tim’s towel is like opening a birthday present and Tim’s thick hard cock is one present we can all use! The cameraman gets in on the action by stroking Tim’s long hard boner and feeling up his tight smooth body. After showing off his butt, Tim rolls over and delivers a load of teen spunk.

Matthew…He’s 18 years old and all alone in his parent’s Vegas hotel room watching two hot guys down by the pool and getting hornier and hornier. After stripping off his street clothes, Matthew enjoys a long slow jerk-off session, stroking his cock up to it’s full 7″ of hard boy-flesh. Matthew even goes to the hotel window to watch the guy and jerk some more. The camera gets up close and personal on Matthews cock. You’ll see every vein on his prick and each hair on his shaft as he jerks his dick in extreme close up. Matthew finished up with an intense orgasm as he squeezes out every drop of youthful cum then brings it to his mouth to lick it off his fingertips.

Jonah and Ethan…The two party-hardy college boys have just gotten back from a frat bash, and they’re pretty toasted. They’re also very horny and in no time flat they’ve whipped out their ample cocks and are jerking each other off. The clothes fly off leaving two hot young smooth boys, horny and ready to get down.

Jonah is first to taste cock as he slides his lips up and down Ethan’s hard uncut shaft. But, Ethan is cock-hungry, too, so he’s all over Jonah’s prick, sucking like a madman! The cameraman gets hold of Ethan’s uncut cock and makes sure we get lots of good foreskin shots too. These hotties finish up in nearly simultaneous explosions of cum all over Ethan’s smooth torso.

Stars: Steve, John, Ethan, Matthew, Tim, Jonah

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