Fratboy Sean & Friends

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Video: Fratboy Sean & Friends

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Sean Storm, our 21 y/o sexy frat boy, hangs up the phone after talking to a future fuck buddy. Trying to get back to his studies, he finds himself HOT, HORNY, and ready for more than just studying. Shoving his books aside, he slowly caresses his boy meat through his jeans. After a little teasing through his clothes, he slowly removes his shirt to reveal an awesome six-pack hiding underneath. He massages his chest and well-defined body while slowly unbuttoning and removing his jeans. After teasing the camera once again by massaging himself through his clothes, he removes his delicious 8″ of college boy cock from his briefs. He strokes his tool of boyhood in such an erotic way that just watching him will make you cum in your shorts. After quite a show of dick stroking, our young fraternity boy climaxes to a huge explosion of delicious, sweet boy cream on his college books. Ya gotta love frat boys!
Next up… blond haired, 19 y/o, super cutie Tyler Hart joins up with his 18 y/o raver buddy, Blake Ashton, for an awesome combination of erotic kissing, caressing, and unforgettable cock sucking fun. Standing by a nearby window, you can see these two yummy boys very erotically kissing and fondling each other’s boyish treasures. Slowly, but passionately, they strip from their clothing and begin to explore one another. The two sex crazed boys take turns sucking the others cock slow and soft at first, then fast and hard. As the pace increases, the temperature rises until the boys both climax and release their sweet juices all over each other’s smooth chests and necks. And boy, can these two release! If you want to see hot boys, steamy cock sucking, and LOADS and LOADS of delicious cum, brace yourself for this scene or you’ll blow your load before these beautiful boys do.
This is your chance to take a shower with 20 y/o hottie, Jereme Austin. The scene starts with Jereme in the shower, working up quite a lather. Slowly washing and caressing himself, you’ll wish that you were the bar of soap. He shuts off the water, dries himself off, and moves on to the fireplace where he has no intentions of stopping the young boy urges beckoning from his crotch. He strokes his large cock in powerful thrusts while he fingers his tight, moist fuck hole. You’ll never look at a peaceful night by the fireplace the same way after seeing this boy in action. This beautiful stud jerks off his huge boyish cock to an orgasmic climax of heavy breathing, and such a remarkable load erupting from his cum spurting fuck tool that you’ll keep asking for more…and more…and more…
19 y/o Citiboyz newcummer Codi Sparkz and the erotically sexy 19 y/o, Gage Powers, get tired of straightening up the place and do a little “not-so-straight” love making. While the two boys satisfy themselves with their flesh yearning mouths, our innocent looking 19 y/o Tyler Hart watches in ecstasy as he strokes his stunning erection. Fully naked, and ready for a little more action then just watching (and who wouldn’t be), Tyler joins the orgy to create the first ever Citiboyz Threesome. These three perform such a perfect combination of kissing, caressing and sucking that you’ll think you’re there in the action. Got Cum? Well, we certainly do as the scene climaxes to a dramatic end as young heartthrob Tyler showers the delicious kissing couple with one of the largest loads of cum we’ve ever seen. If you love threeways, tons of cock sucking, and cum on your face, then you better watch this scene.

Stars: Sean Storm, Blake Ashton, Gage Powers, Tyler Hart, Jereme Austin, Codi Sparkz

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