Fratboy Fuckfest

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Video: Fratboy Fuckfest

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Staxus Twinks
Reliving their sexual adventures in college, these frat boys treat us all to hard fucking and cum splattered bodies as we watch their sweet butts get stretched by thick dicks and their hot lips devour throbbing shafts of pure twink meat.

Scene One: Sexual Anatomy!!

Superstar Alex Stevens tests his classmates on the male sexual anatomy, and his eyes light up when cute dark haired Steven Hill has never heard of the prostate, nor what it can do when stimulated. Eager to show him, Alex gets Steven naked and proceeds to massage it, getting the other 2 lads to join in. Showing they can do the trick, Steven’s delicious dick twitches and throbs during the session and squirts his juice everywhere without even wanking himself!! So turned on by the spunk shower, the class exercise descends into frenzied fucking with Steven’s butt being ploughed first by John then by Alex, letting his prostate become well and truly used, and butt soaked in spunk as all three deposit a load over his smooth cheeks.

Scene Two: Blonde twink gets his dick serviced!!

Caught playing the guitar in his friend’s room, new blonde twink Rasty gets more than he bargained for when he’s discovered under the bed. Dragged out and given a horny punishment; both dicks are huge, and the awesome 69 position we’re treated to show how much these cock hungry boys want each other, the throbbing dicks getting harder the deeper they suck on each other. Close up shots of Rasty’s soon-to-be-fucked butt will get you pumping your meat harder than ever before. Fingering the cute blonde, the hot top boy preps his hole for his thick dick, pushing it in and out, giving him the best fuck of his young life.

Scene Three: Shower for Two!!

Sharing his shower, Alex Stevens gives Rick Nielson a shower hotter than boiling water as he drops to his knees and takes his long cock past his sweet lips and down his throat. Obviously doing the trick, Alex is treated to a great fuck by Eurocreme’s newest exclusive to date. Sliding straight down in his dick, Alex’s hard work to get him solid is paying its rewards as he butt is pounded hard, letting every inch slide deeper and deeper into him. Both cute dark haired boys moan in pleasure as they fulfil their carnal desires with each other, toned bodies pressed against each others as they build into an explosive orgasm which coats Alex’s face in thick jizz.

Scene Four: Pizza boy!!

It’s not just a big pizza that the pizza boy Chris Cool is delivering to blonde cutie Brian today. Ringing the bell whilst he’s enjoying a wank on the internet, Brian tries to hide his raging hard-on but he can’t hide his horniness from sexy guy Chris. Soon devouring each others dicks, the hot blonde boys get into the butt pounding action, Chris with his legs akimbo and Brian really going for it on his hole, shoving his perfectly formed dick forward, thrusting at Chris, making him groan in pleasure as his dick is jerked, laying back and taking all this rampant twink has got to give. It’s no wonder by the end, they are both dripping with sweat and spunk, their smooth bodies slick after these really intense session!!

Scene Five:

Studs flirt in the café Knowing exactly what he wants and how to go and get it, Johan meets up with Rick in the local café and charms him with flattery and sexual comments. Unable to resist the young blond stud, the whipped cream is out and being lapped up of Rick’s smooth toned chest and abs. With only a short way to his bulging groin, Johan takes the initiative and whips out the throbbing cock, taking it all in his mouth and slowly pumping it, turning Rick on even more!! His huge dick stands proud, and Johan can’t help but start the full blown fuck fest there and then. Pushing his famously formed dick into Rick, we can only watch as he gets exactly what we all want. When he pulls all 8″ out of Rick and slides it back in, you’ll be trying your very best to hold your load until the cumshots, you might have to watch it again!!

Scene Six: First aid Threesome!!

The Czechs certainly have interesting ways to get people breathing again, and it works a treat with those watching too!! Increased heart rates and heavy breathing are certain in the final scene here. Stunning Blond boy Julien tries to bring back dark haired Dylan with help from cute new face John. Never wanting to pass up hot dick, Dylan springs to life and makes it his business to get his cock well and truly worked out as his handsome face is fucked hard. Julien shows his skills of face fucking as he squats over Dylan and feeds him his dick as John pummels his ass in a spit roasting position which we all want to see again!!

Stars: Steven Hill, Johan Volny, Alex Stevens, Chris Cool, Julien Breeze, John Paul, Brian Brower, John Hill, Dylan Freeman, Rick Nielson, Rasty Shut, Fany Duke

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