Frat Initiations Volume 3

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Video: Frat Initiations Volume 3

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Scott, Preston and Ahmed are all tested to their limits in this session. A foreign exchange student, a wealthy spoiled brat and a Philadelphia street kid all are inducted together, showing the frat’s diversity! Dildos get shoved up the boy’s asses…they get sucked off and are made to blow the pledgemaster as well. Bodies convulse as wads of cum explode from their cocks!

Foreigners are fascinated with the American fraternity system, and Ahmed will do anything to be a part of it, including a try with a monster dildo!

The physical tests are a snap for Scott, a Philly street kid who helps pledgemaster get him off with a big hot load of cum.

Preston is the typical rich kid who expects to get in because of his social status, so the frat boys use it to their benefit!

Stars: Scott, Preston, Ahmed

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