Frat Boys Getting Off

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Video: Frat Boys Getting Off

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Fraternity Row
Fraternity Row offers you frat boys with a twist of kink! We’re a group of frat brothers who need to earn a little extra cash. So we’ve decided to get together and film each other doing what we like best. “Frat Boys Getting Off” is the result and features nine of the house’s best in steamy group and solo action. And it’s just the beginning of a series of hot vids coming your way. Happy viewing.

Justin and Jeremy: These two horny dudes can hardly wait to get into each other’s pants. They briefly introduce themselves to you and then they’re making out on the couch. Kissing and slurping over each other’s hot bods as they strip down to their underwear. Pretty soon Jeremy is butt-fucking Justin up against a wall. These guys are really into each other and their hot fucking will steam up your screen as they 69 each other and find hot and wild positions in which to fuck. Finally Justin sits on Jeremy’s throbbing cock and rides it like a cowboy until his hot load explodes all over Jeremy’s belly. Then it’s Jeremy’s turn to get off and his creamy jism shoots into the air landing on Justin’s sweet ass. Exhausted, our two boys embrace some more and then fall asleep in each other’s arms.

Mark: Next up is this hot, muscular Latin jock in his full football outfit. You’ll be right there with him as he slowly and sensuously strips down to his shoulder pads and jock strap. And Mark is aware of your presence. He’ll look directly at you as he strips and starts to j/o with his white football pants around his ankles and his rock hard Latin meat staring you in the face. This football jock will slap his cute butt just for you and then take the leather strap from his shoulder pads and wrap it around his hard, thick cock. This dude knows how to tease his audience. You’ll see him licking a football and slapping his dick against the rough leather. You’ll have crotch level views of this handsome football jock as he puts on a private show just for you. Finally you’ll see him shoot his creamy spunk all over his hard bod. Woof!

Tommy: This cute frat boy is lazing on his bed browsing through a bunch of body-building mags. He’s wearing khaki shorts, sneakers and a baseball cap. Pretty soon he’s playing with himself through the shorts as he looks at the hot pics. And it’s like you’re spying on him. He doesn’t know you’re there as he gets hotter and hornier. You’ll see him strip down to his black underwear and then to just his sneakers and cap as he gets off. You’ll get up close and personal with Tommy as he gets more and more turned on by the mag until he can’t control himself any longer and squirts a big stream of warm frat cum onto his chest. Finally he rubs the cum all over the pic that got him off. Hot!

Brian: This dude is doing some crunches in his red shorts. But before long he’s playing with his tits and stroking his hard dick through the shorts. Then the shorts come off and Brian gets into a hot and serious j/o session in just his sneakers and white socks. He pounds away at his jock dick while the camera pans up and down his hard bod. “Bro, I wanna cum in your face,” he says as you get crotch level views of his big dick and balls. Then he shoots his big, creamy load – just as his cell phone rings. But this dude is having too much fun so he doesn’t pick up! Brian told us afterwards that the call was from his g/f wondering where the hell he was!

Billy: Billy’s erect, uncut dick is peeping out of the waistband of his white shorts. You’ll watch as Billy plays with the pre-cum from around his foreskin and sucks it off his fingers. Then he sticks those same fingers up his ass hole as he squeezes his tits and finger fucks himself. You’ll see him massage and spank his hungry hole before he rams a big ol’ dildo into his ass. Using the straps of his jock strap to hold the dildo in place, Billy works his chest and cock before pounding his hungry hole with the dildo while he gets hotter and hotter until he shoots an intense load of cum from his aching dick while he squeals with pleasure. To conclude, Billy licks the cum from his fingers and rubs it on his sweaty bod.

Kyle: This guy is smooth and muscle toned. He’s sitting on the floor in his denim shorts and sneakers while he works his cock and chest. You’ll see him rip his shorts so he can get to play with his ass through the torn denim and then you’ll see him lick a basketball and pound it between his legs. Next you’ll see him wearing a pair of thin, gray, nylon shorts and a white jockstrap while he pours water all over his hot bod in an attempt to cool down. But this bro just gets hotter and hornier! The water glistens on his chest and biceps and thighs. His rock hard dick shows through the soaked jock strap. The shorts come down. He pours water all over his hard, bubble butt. Then the shorts come off completely and our boy is jacking on his back, his finger up his ass, forcing his big, mushroom headed cock to shoot its sweet, creamy load for your viewing pleasure.

Sven: You’ll first meet Sven in a pair of red Speedos as he plays with his dick through the silky fabric. Then he’s pouring baby oil all over his hot, smooth, buff bod as his uncut dick hardens and the Speedos get lowered so that Sven can play with his cock and ass as he gently moans with pleasure. This sensuous boy then rubs soft fruit all over himself while wearing cargo shorts. The fruit is juicy and messy and Sven stains his shorts and boxers with the juices. So off they come! But this bad boy can’t resist squishing the soft fruit around his hardening cock and rubbing it over his ass hole. Finally, laying on his back amidst the fruit, Sven shoots a spectacular load of cream into the air. Fruit salad will never be the same!

Jeremy and Chris: Our final scene features horny Jeremy back for more. This time he’s hanging out with his bro Chris. But these two bored boys need a little diversion. So pretty soon they’re playing a version of strip poker. Loser gets fucked! The boys get naked pretty quickly and start deep kissing each other before Jeremy moves on to lick Chris’s balls and dick while Chris just moans with pleasure. Then a little spanking action takes place with Chris taking control of Jeremy’s ass until it’s red from being slapped so much. But this just drives Jeremy into a frenzy and he starts begging Chris to fuck him. Naturally, Chris obliges. But only after deep throating Jeremy and gagging on our bottom boy’s dick! You’ll get some great close up shots of Jeremy’s hungry hole being stretched wide open before being plugged by Chris’s thick, hard cock. You’ll see Jeremy get fucked doggie style. Finally you’ll see insatiable Jeremy sit on Chris’s dick while Chris pounds Jeremy’s hole with deep, hard thrusts until both bros shoot their hot, creamy frat boy loads.

Stars: Kirk Kelley, Mark, Brian, Chris, Billy, Justin, Jeremy, Kyle

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