Frat Boy Cherry Pop!

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Video: Frat Boy Cherry Pop!

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MaverickMan22 Productions
In this video I collected some amazing footage based on what you guys requested we get into. After all, we do love our fans, and what our fans want, our fans get.

This is a very special video selection for you from our Virgin Cherry Pop series. The guy in this video, Frat Boy, is not a true virgin as he has had sex with men before but this was his FIRST ass fucking. We popped his sweet cherry for him and he loved it. This masculine, blonde hair, blue eyed, hairy ass’ed, chiseled, sexy man-boy is a winner. Mmmmm mmm, you will love him. Hunter and I have been hard at work putting this hot video together. In this film, we get into some serious action.

Unfortunately, when Frat Boy showed up, he told us he was into it, but wanted to do it only wearing a mask, UGHHHHH! At first I was PISSED that he decided to drop the “wearing-a-mask” bomb on us. In fact we were so pissed, that Hunter and I decided to teach him a lesson; SO WE FUCKED him HARD and without mercy till he was screaming! This boy was LOUD, but at the end of it all he was a serious champ and did everything we made him do. He so impressed us with this toughness, that we decided to take him away with us for a few days.

Hanging out with our FRAT BOY was a blast. Please let this sexy guy know what you think. Maybe you all can convince him to unmask and show us his handsome fucking face for his next video with us. Thanks for stroking with us, Cole Maverick & Hunter.

Stars: Hunter, Cole Maverick, Frat Boy

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