Dorm Life XI – Revenge of da Nutt

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Video: Dorm Life XI - Revenge of da Nutt

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Flava Works
The “Dorm Life” series has seemed to always remained fresh through ten films – mostly thanks to the mix of models. This one is no different – but #11 also happens to be one of the best in the series, thanks to the new young crop of hardcore homies like Lucky, Franchise, and Jerzey Flyrt – three of the hottest bottom bois ever to grace your TV. Or if masculinity is your thang, try watching Prophet, Smooth and the new kid on the block – Hotrod – all prove how hard they can hit tha sheets (and da butt); you’ll swear, sometimes, they’re doing it with some CGI or special effects tricks … but nope, its all them. “Revenge of da Nutt” hits home with every scene, from the volcanic three-way opener (versatile Deka deserves SOME kind of award for stamina, for real) to the five-men orgy that finishes off both the movie AND the viewer with equal satisfaction. Hot, horny, and worth twice the cover price, “Dorm Life XI” is some sweet revenge … and one worth owning two copies of, for when you wear the first one out with repeated viewings. One of the “must-owns” in the series, for real!

Stars: Jay Jay, Prophet, Carmell, Smooth, Nick Da Kannon, Franchise, Merecio, Deka, Sixty-Nine, Devereax DeVega, Hotrod, Jerzey Flyrt, Lucky (Flava)

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