Dorm Life IX – Savor The Nutt

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Video: Dorm Life IX  - Savor The Nutt

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Flava Works
Putting together a cast of established Flava Works’ stars with just a few newcummers to come on-camera (with a special nod to the steamy Flawda Boi, who’s pretty face was made for having a cock stuffed in it), the newest peek as Dorm Life is amazingly fresh, for a series on its ninth entry. Shorty J is back with a vengeance, pounding ass with superhuman strength and lust… though it’s always earthshaking to see da boi bottom, too, which he does here. Ass-master Breion- equally tough on even the most wide open of assholes – also has his scenes of ass pounding impatience that, whether you’re a bottom or not, will have you squirming in your chair. But this reviewer has been in love with Markell for some time, and it’s a real pleasure to see him here- especially as a dominant top, as he tears human pin cushion Devin a new one in the final, pulse (and ball) pounding scene. Equally good as the rest (and even better than some of them too), Dorm Life IX (“9” for those of you not into the Roman numeral thing) proves that the CocoDorm sure as shit has nine strong lives to live… so much so, they could easily have a tenth on the way.

Stars: Valentine, Vito, Chino, Markell, Prettyboy, Shorty J, Tae, Baby Boy, Breion Diamond, Prophet, Flawda Boi, Franchise, Red Thuggin, Texas Wildboi, Devin (Flava), Storm (Flava)

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