Dorm Life 10 – The House Next Door

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Video: Dorm Life 10 - The House Next Door

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The house next door not only survives, but thrives – in CocoDorm’s tenth-in-the-series of what happens when you turn youg, sexually active thugs loose on each other – and say, ”Hey dudes – do what comes natural.” This one’s one of the better ones, in that it introduces both some new and fairly-new faces (stand out stars-of-the-future Domino, Justin Jones, and Deka in paricular) – while at the same time matching them up with guys you’ve seen a lot before – but never in a million years could get tired of watching (Shorty J, man just what vitamins is you ON??) Having Markell and Krave (two horny homies who ALONE generate enough electricity on-screen to light up New York City at Christmas) back in movies again is enough a miracle to make ya drop to your knees (something a LOT of the guys in this one do, actually,) and Breion is up to his fine, nasty self in his one sweat-streaked scene. But you won’t find a dog (just dawgs) in the nineteen guys who are hung, hard and hardly able to control themselves in this one – which may be the tenth in the series, but also definatly one of the best. The Dorm ain’t dead yet bois – and if this one’s any indication, it’s gonna be around for a long, long time. This one is for all the haters!

Stars: Jay Jay, Krave, Markell, Prettyboy, Shorty J, Berry, Adicktion, Yami, Breion Diamond, Carmell, Nick Da Kannon, Franchise, Mr. Saukei, Lil Dre, Merecio, Deka, Justin Jones, Sixty-Nine, Domino (Flava)

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