Campus Boys Exposed

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Video: Campus Boys Exposed

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Campus Boys Videos
Xavier is up 1st. This guy has to be close to 9” inches. He’s tall, thin, toned and loves to show off. On top of it all, he smiles and lets you know he enjoys stroking his big fat cock for you. He is a cute young boy who is tall and hung. Lying down, you get to see his hefty sausage smacked around, stretched and rubbed until finally, he milks it for you. A nice juicy load that makes its way out to his tight stomach. He is really into the orgasm and contracts and releases with great power, showing you every bit of pleasure that he is experiencing. Following the solo is the recording of his photo shoot.

Gage is an extremely hot happy go lucky sort of guy who appears to have no worries at all. To him, getting naked in front of a camera is just another thrill. Before the camera even gets a chance to warm up, Gage is naked with a raging hard on, showing off his hot throbbing cock to the cameraman. Gage hops in the bed and starts feeling up his boyish body, working his hand down to his hard cock and his tight firm ass. He quickly starts pounding on his hard throbbing cock and fingering his tight hole until he works himself to his trusty vibrator. Gage gets so into being in front of the camera that he starts shoving the vibrator deeper into his ass with one hand and pumping his pulsating cock with the other. He cannot hide his intertwined pain and ecstasy, and when he can’t take it any longer, he shoots a thick and creamy load of cum all over his stomach.

Pierce is a student at SDSU, The first thing you see in this scene is a hot twink boy with a dick to die for and that he should be majoring in sex ed instead of political science. It is simply a very large cock with nice low hanging balls protruding from his body. Every move of this guy’s cock requires a lead car with a sign saying ”Wide Load.” One of the most erotic things about this guy is the ways his balls jump up and down the entire time he strokes. He has a long sack for them to move around in, so when he contracts, you see the balls moving up and down. Good-looking & hung like a horse can you ask for anything more? Watch him squeeze and twist his cock in ways you never knew could be done. Even when it is soft it is still two hands full. Jason decides that it is time to get a little bit wilder, he then lays on his back and pounds his hole with his hole with a few of his fingers till he explodes with a huge load of cum all over his chest and tummy.

Robert Pine is a student at SDSU and showed up with Pierce and at the end of Pierces solo he was hard as a rock so we threw him in front of the camera. He wastes no time at all showing us his goods. The underwear comes and he starts stroking his meat in an instant. As he stroked you notice how thick the head of his cock is. His shaft is really wide, and an even fatter head makes it a pleasure to behold! On his knees, on his back, sitting or in any position, this guy’s dick is eternally hard. On his back, legs in the air, he breathes deep as he fingers his hole with his long fingers. When he pounds his cock onto his tight stomach you realize just how ample his cock really is imagine the fattest sausage you’ve seen slamming on a table and thudding with force. His load of cum is quite impressive. When he is done, there is hardly a space from his neck to his crotch that isn’t covered in cum.

Next up we catch Ethan Sexxtin waking up after an excruciating day of physical and mental challenges, which seems to have brought out a menacing set of hormones that demand immediate attention. As he wakes, Ethan realizes it’s time for a very satisfying session of self-gratification. He gropes himself to get a good feeling for how quickly he needs to act. Damn it feels like there is no rush, so the pants come off and the cock jerking begins. Ethan is a well-endowed boy whose cock is HUGE even when soft. Watching him work it up to super size is a pleasurable wait. The session heats up, and Ethan is clearly deriving pleasure from his pulsating uncut 9” cock. He turns around on the bed to get more comfortable and pops off a forceful yet relieving load that is sure to get him through another day.

Stars: Randy, Kevin, Gar, Johnnie, Jazzy

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