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Video: Brotherhood

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Buckshot Productions
In BROTHERHOOD, Buckshot Man Danny Roddick stars in the role of Chandler, one of the most popular guys on campus and a pillar of his college fraternity. When one of his fraternity brothers discovers that Chandler has been secretly working his way through college making all-male adult movies, all hell breaks loose. Determined not to resign, Chandler sets out to discover the secrets of the other brothers and “level the playing field.” The entire film takes place during one long, hot night at the frat house after a formal dance.

The eleven-man cast, including Buckshot Man Danny Roddick also features Buckshot Man Dean Phoenix as an over endowed redneck, Jan Fischer as a foreign exchange student, Kevin Armstrong as the president of the fraternity, Trey Casteel as a blue-blooded legacy, Sebastian Rivers as a football star, Tory Mason as the campus sex hound, Jorden Michaels as a theological student, Justin Burkshire and Kurt Wild as a pair of brothers, and Dallas Reeves as a closeted pledge.

Stars: Dean Phoenix, Jordan Michaels, Tory Mason, Dallas Reeves, Trey Casteel, Kevin Armstrong, Sebastian Rivers, Kurt Wild, Justin Burkshire, Danny Roddick

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