Behind The Greek Door

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Video: Behind The Greek Door

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Bijou Classics
Bijou Video has reissued this old chestnut with a young (and very hairy) Clay Russell and Shawn Everette starring as pledge brothers initiated into a fraternity. Clay couples with his smooth roommate in the bedroom. They strip from their jeans, and saliva can be seen dripping from Clay’s cock as the blond sucks him. Clay pile-drives the man’s mouth, then laps his asshole with big licks, then fucks him. Clay cums in three massive bursts onto his buddy’s back.

In a shed in Griffith Park, five frat brothers are inducting Shawn. They playfully paddle his bare butt, then Shawn swallows a frat’s brat. A full-blown orgy ensues in which Shawn alternately sucks the men and gets his Crisco-lubed ass fucked by their boners. A leather-clad brother fucks him with a dildo. Four of the brothers group for mutual fuck/suck action. Finally, Shawn jacks off big globs of jism in a dream he has of the fraternity president watching him.

Stars: Clay Russell, Griffith Park, Shawn Everette

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