Bangkok Dormitory Boys

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Video: Bangkok Dormitory Boys

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To show what each of the four guys in the cast has to offer, they each get their own solo scene before getting together. There’s 20 y/o Poe climaxing onto his abs. 21 y/o Tan shows his hole, even works a screwdriver handle in there like a dildo before jacking a big load out. 19 y/o Ken enjoys vibrator teasing before splashing one out in the bathtub. 19 y/o Oak performs in bed and in the shower working up to an impressive cumshooter.

Solos out of the way, one scene has Oak and Poe showing heavy doses of oral attention to each other along with a torso coating climax before the boys lube up to fuck in many flexible positions. Poe jacks a load out while Oak keeps on pumping his ass.

Onto the group fun. All four boys are in bed in a suck chain w/ass rimming leading to one guy receiving a trio of facials, but not looking really into it with closed eyes. The big scene is another foursome, but this time ass fucking is involved with a brief glimpse of bareback and dildo play.

Overall, this isn’t too bad, but with a studio name of “Boykakke” on the boxcover, along with mentions of 17 cumshots and cum eating, it looked like this title would be heavy on bukkake style cum guzzling. That’s a bit off since the facials and cum eating are pretty rare, instead most of the spunk lands on torsos.

Stars: Ken, Tan, Poe, Oak

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