Val Aris in "Deep Penetration, All 12 Inches"

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About “Deep Penetration, All 12 Inches: Introducing power bottom Val Aris in his debut video, in which I almost lost the 12 inch dildo deep in his hole. I started with Val face up so I could worship his amazingly ripped body. I was so turned on my the shredded twink that precum virtually poured from cock, and every time it spilled over the head I fed it to him, dabbing it on his tongue. I’ve never tasted my own precum, so I kissed him, and he was so passionate that it felt natural for me to climb between his thighs. He lifted his legs and my cock slid along his crack and hole, slick with precum, as we made out. I pushed his ass in the air and within minutes worked from one finger to having four buried in his hole past the third knuckles. Then it was time for the toys, and with only one minor repositioning, his hole engulfed the entire twelve inches to the point that I had to drive my finger in his ass and hook it on the head of the dildo in order to retrieve it. After a good ass fucking with the double headed dildo, we tried the ribbed giant. All the ass play drove Val wild and he started fucking himself silly with the double headed dildo, driving himself to the point that he blew a hefty load all over his pelvis. And like a good little bottom, he scooped up his mess and ate it.

About Val Aris: Introducing Val Avis, a power bottom with an adorable smile, a body ripped from head to toe, a nice seven inch cock, and a tight little ass that can take virtually anything and everything that is shoved in it. Val was open to trying anything I suggested in his ass, whether it be four fingers past the third knuckles, a twelve inch dildo that I almost lost, the monster ribbed toy, and double penetrating him with my cock and the double headed dildo. Admittedly, getting cock fucked is his favorite. It’s as if he has a button in his hole that only a throbbing hard on can activate, and when that button is pounded it sends Val into another dimension. Val and I hit it off immediately, primarily because he is an open book and shared some incredibly personal details within minutes of meeting. From that moment on we had some kind of connection that is evident in the videos. I will definitely book Val again because he is 100 percent himself in the videos. There is no acting or pretense; just unbridled sex and passion.

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