Trent Bloom in "Shower Enema"

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About “Shower Enema: A bonus video for enema enthusiasts. Trent Bloom gives himself an enema in the shower, time and again filling his ass to the brim and allowing the water explode from his ass. Note: there is not erection or cum shot in this video.

About Trent Bloom: Trent Bloom is proud of his title of having the sloppiest ass! He’s all for any way he can have his hole stretched to the limited. He knows what he likes and makes no apologies.When I asked how he got his last name, he dropped his pants, bent over, and pushed out a rose bud.We talked about his ability to get double fisted and he said, ‘Over the years I have built up great muscle control. I can force a guy’s arm out of my ass just by pushing down. I may be able to take a lot, but I am always in complete control.’

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