Trent Bloom in "Big Toys and Self Fist"

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About “Big Toys and Self Fist: I’ve skirted the edge of soft kink in quite a few videos. This is my immergence into the grittier, kinkier, wilder side of gay sex. It is sloppy and messy! I’ve always been fascinated with guys who can take HUGE toys, and I’ve wanted to explore fisting, so when I met Trent Bloom I knew I had to book him. Trent looked at the site and expressed concern that it was too vanilla for his tastes, and he wanted to keep his reputation intact of having the sloppiest hole. When I told him he could do whatever he wanted and I would just film, he was all for it! And Trent delivered! He brought his own supply of enormous toys that dwarfed everything that I had in my arsenal. This video is definitely not for the faint of heart! Trent warned that the bed would be messy and drenched with lube and ass juice, and it was. And living up to his last name, after destroying his ass with the toys and his fist he pushes out a rose bud. A couple of times. Finally, with a monster dildo rammed up his ass, Trent blasted a load and then ate his cum.

About Trent Bloom: Trent Bloom is proud of his title of having the sloppiest ass! He’s all for any way he can have his hole stretched to the limited. He knows what he likes and makes no apologies.When I asked how he got his last name, he dropped his pants, bent over, and pushed out a rose bud.We talked about his ability to get double fisted and he said, ‘Over the years I have built up great muscle control. I can force a guy’s arm out of my ass just by pushing down. I may be able to take a lot, but I am always in complete control.’

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