Mike Jochman in "Gay Massage"

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About “Gay Massage: I was unsure what to call this Mike Jochman video, ‘Mike’s First Gay Experience’ or ‘Mike First Manhandling’. You get the point, it’s the first time a guy has ever touched Mike. Although he was adamant about his ass being off limits, Mike finally agreed that I could massage his hairy ass, and I even managed to run my fingers over his pucker. This is old school Drake Rock in which I massage a straight guy, feel him up, get him hard, then jack him off until he cums. He swallows his load, and it’s always hot when a straight man swallows cum!

About Mike Jochman: Mike Jochman isn’t necessarily a newcomer since he did a couple of solo jack off videos and an Inches spread back when he was 18. Now, six years later, he is married with children and open to getting his feet wet with men.His hairy ass is completely off limits (although he allowed me to work it over during an erotic massage), therefore, should he ever venture into hard core gay sex, he will top exclusively.For the time being we’ll take a journey with this straight man as he dabbles in the world of gay sex.

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