Marco Paradi in "Erotic Massage: Bound, Blindfolded and Banged"

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About “Erotic Massage: Bound, Blindfolded and Banged: I like it when everything works out, the scene is hot, and the sex is amazing! Especially when I’m completely winging it as I did with Marco Paradi. When Marco submitted himself for consideration he said he would only suck, get sucked and get rimmed. He is hot as fuck, so I booked him for an erotic massage, figuring I would concentrate on the massage portion. A day prior to the shoot he sent a text saying, ‘I want you to blindfold and tie me up!’ For a massage? WTF? I had absolutely no idea of how that would play out, but I decided to go with the flow and see what happened. When I picked Marco up at the airport I asked why I couldn’t use toys on him. He said that although he’s gay, he really doesn’t like anything in his ass. Now THAT I understand, so no problem. So I blindfolded and tied up Marco and massaged him for a few minutes. But his perky ass was right there and I couldn’t help myself. I had to get my tongue in his role and taste him. After rimming him for a few minutes his butt hole relaxed wide open, so I gave him shit about supposedly ‘not being a bottom’. I sat against the head board and had him rest against me, my cock in his bound hands, and I rubbed down his chest, abs and played with his curved uncut cock. I fucked his face for a while, feeling my cock slide down his throat as he took me deep inside. Then I went down on his cock, playing with his foreskin and enjoying every moment of it. I bound his arms around his legs so his ass was propped in the air, fingered his hole and fed him the taste of his ass. As the scene started to wrap up and I said, “I want you to cum for me”, he replied, “Will you fuck me?” I was shocked; he had caught me completely off guard. Really? Hell yes! I jumped off the bed, grabbed a condom, and laid into the boy, fucking the cum out of him and then feeding him his thick load.

About Marco Paradi: I found Marco Paradi on a modeling site saying that he was looking for erotic work! With his unique good looks, lean, tight body, and incredible ass, I asked him to submit! When I saw his big uncut cock I booked him immediately. I was a bit surprised by how soft spoken he is. Then as soon as I turned on the camera to shoot his interview he opened up and got chatty. Some people just like being in front of the camera. A few years ago Marco had done two solos and topped a guy, but the company disappeared and his videos were never released, so for all intents and purposes Marco is debuting here. Let me know if you like Marco because yesterday I received a text asking if I would blindfold and fuck him again.

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