Kyle Butler in "Suck and Toy"

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About “Suck and Toy: Introducing Kyle Butler, a hirsute stud who got a raging hard on moments after taking his clothes off and it never went down, even after he came. Considering Kyle’s fuck rod was standing at full attention I started rubbing him face up, putting my hands all over his hairy chest and legs. It was only minutes before I took his cock in my mouth and sucked that hot piece of man meat, swallowing his entire shaft until my nose pressed into his pubes. He was completely in the moment so I fed him my dick and relished having his moist lips wrapped around it. Rolling him over, I played with his tight hairy ass for a while, and sliding my throbbing cock along his virgin ass crack. Then I finger fucked him, listening to his moans of pleasure, as I prepared his hole to take the cock shaped dildo. Fucking him with the toy, and playing with his meaty hard on, he begged for more, along with some spanking. Putting him on his back gave the best view of him taking the toy as stroked him. While ass fucking him with the dildo, and Kyle jacking my cock, he dumped a powerful load on his stomach, immediately scooping it up and greedily eating it. Afterward I slathered my cock with his cum and force fed him to eat it off my dick. It was fucking hot! He kept sucking my cock and shortly after I shot on his face, back, and deep inside his mouth, Kyle swallowing my cum and then draining every last drop from my spent hard on.

About Kyle Butler: Introducing Kyle Butler, a kinky adventurous bi curious guy who loves being submission, taking toys deep in his ass, sucking cock, and dirty talk. Except for a lot of toy play, Kyle is an anal virgin, and he wants to lose his ‘A Card’ in real life before getting fucked on camera. The upside is that he just started dating a girl and if she bangs him with a strap on, he considers that losing his A Card, and at that point he’ll come back and let me man fuck his virgin ass 🙂 What I like about Kyle is that he’s extremely creative, carefree, wildly open, and willing to try anything as long as it doesn’t cause permanent bodily harm, so as time goes on I’ll see what limits we can push with this hairy newcomer.

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