Kyle Butler in "Oral Deviance"

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About “Oral Deviance: Happy Halloween! Kyle Butler asked if he could bring his duffle bag of fetish toys and gear because he thought it would be hot to do some hard core subbing! This is Kyle’s fantasy, and from that bag the Deviance videos were born. One of the nice things about having a smaller site is that I can occasionally experiment with different genres of videos. The concept was that I caught Kyle lurking in my neighborhood, took him back to my place, bound and gagged him, and had my way with him. First I smack him around with a riding crop, and when his cock can’t take it anymore I suck the blood back into it until he is fully erect again. Then I bring out the clamps, and torture his nipples, before binding his cock and balls with a strap. After taunting him some more with the crop, a toy, and my boot, I attached the clamps to his balls and tug his nut sack with it. Having removed the hockey mask, but leaving the ball gag in his mouth, I make him work my hard on through my leather pants. With his cock bound and the ball gag still in place, I propped his legs in the air and ate Kyle’s hot, tight ass, spitting on his virgin hole and working my tongue in it. Removing the gag, I had him clean the dirt of my boots and pants with his tongue. Then I forced him to rim my hole and suck my cock like a good little bitch. Finally, I got on my knees and sucked his long thick cock, burying my face in his pubes. It wasn’t long before he blew all of his thick creamy load in my mouth. But the bossy bitch needed a taste of his cum, so I snowballed him and he greedily swallowed his seed. Kyle still wants to save his anal virginity for his personal life, so the scene continues in ‘Anal Deviance’, which will be released 11-3-10. In it I fuck his ass with a thick 10 inch strap on dildo and drench his ass with a huge load of my cum.

About Kyle Butler: Introducing Kyle Butler, a kinky adventurous bi curious guy who loves being submission, taking toys deep in his ass, sucking cock, and dirty talk. Except for a lot of toy play, Kyle is an anal virgin, and he wants to lose his ‘A Card’ in real life before getting fucked on camera. The upside is that he just started dating a girl and if she bangs him with a strap on, he considers that losing his A Card, and at that point he’ll come back and let me man fuck his virgin ass 🙂 What I like about Kyle is that he’s extremely creative, carefree, wildly open, and willing to try anything as long as it doesn’t cause permanent bodily harm, so as time goes on I’ll see what limits we can push with this hairy newcomer.

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