Kyle Butler in "Anal Deviance"

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About “Anal Deviance: The continuation of Oral Deviance! Had you told me that someday I would fuck a guy with a strap on I would have stared like ‘What’s the point, I’ll fuck him with my cock’, but it was hot fucking Kyle Butler’s ‘virgin’ ass with a 10 inch strap on. Kyle loves toys, and uses them on himself all the time, but he’s never been fucked by a real cock and wants to have that experience in his personal life before sharing it on video. He agreed to let me strap one on and pound his ass. I had bought a seven inch dildo with normal girth for the scene. The day of the shoot Kyle just shook his head and brought out a 10 inch, much thicker fuck toy. It was hot fucking him with a tool that was quite a bit larger than my own, and watching his pleasure as he took it. Plus, my own cock was smacking against his ass as I humped him. And when we finished I blew a load all over his nuts and butt cheeks. Now I know what it feels like to be a lesbian, or a woman fucking her man with a strap on. Would I ever do it again? Sure why not. If I’m given the option, though, I’m fucking with my real cock, or at least double penetrating with my cock and a dildo.

About Kyle Butler: Introducing Kyle Butler, a kinky adventurous bi curious guy who loves being submission, taking toys deep in his ass, sucking cock, and dirty talk. Except for a lot of toy play, Kyle is an anal virgin, and he wants to lose his ‘A Card’ in real life before getting fucked on camera. The upside is that he just started dating a girl and if she bangs him with a strap on, he considers that losing his A Card, and at that point he’ll come back and let me man fuck his virgin ass 🙂 What I like about Kyle is that he’s extremely creative, carefree, wildly open, and willing to try anything as long as it doesn’t cause permanent bodily harm, so as time goes on I’ll see what limits we can push with this hairy newcomer.

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