Jack Jagger in "Gonzo"

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About “Gonzo: Jack Jagger has become one hell of a cock sucker and I wanted to share his love of cock with you gonzo style, as if his mouth and tongue were pleasing your shaft and balls. Jack loves swallowing cum. It’s one of his favorite parts about sex, so when I suggested shooting an oral only video he was like, ‘Hell yeah!’ It’s hot watching a guy make love to a cock with his mouth and tongue that close up, and Jack gets better at giving oral every time we get together. After feeding him my load, which put the most adorable smile on his face, I suggested that I get him off. He was a bit worried because the only way he has ever cum is by fucking or his own hand. No one has ever made him cum with a tug job or orally, but he said, ‘Sure, we can try.’ Well, I spared you the 45 minutes of me jerking and sucking him and cut to the chase, giving you a one minute lead in to me being the first person to ever get him off as I stroked his cock and he shot his load on my tongue. So, my boy Jack experienced another first for your enjoyment.

About Jack Jagger: Jack Jagger responded to an open casting call with ‘I’m an anal virgin but would love to lose it doing a male film!’ He and a buddy had exchanged blow jobs, but other than that one time he has never done anything with a guy. Jack’s look is unique to the site. He’s tall, very thin, and good looking, but definitely not a twink. He’s a little too rough for me to consider him a twink. He has beautiful blue eyes, and for those of you who like natural body hair, he lacks any manscaping. His thick treasure trail is to die for. His personality is what makes his videos. And when he’s nervous he talks and laughs, so there is a lot of cross talk and laughter in his videos. He considers himself straight, but wants to know if gay anal sex has anything to offer. See Jack Jagger exclusively on Drake Rock.

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