Jack Jagger in "First Time Bottoming"

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About “First Time Bottoming: It’s hot fucking these virgin straight guys, and there is no pussy footing in this video! Within less than two minutes I have my cock inside Jack Jagger’s hairy virgin ass! It’s obvious from Jack’s fear and nervous laugh that this is truly his first time getting fucked. His realness and raw emotion endeared members immediately in his First Anal Experience<-a>, and now he takes it to the next level by getting cock fucked for the first time. We started in a missionary but he couldn’t take it so I had him roll over doggie style, and that’s when I get my dick all the way inside him. When he relaxes I slowly fuck his hole. It still proved to be too painful so I suggested that he ride me. That way he would have control. Within seconds we knew that wouldn’t work Once again I had him roll on his back and I successfully fucked him missionary. And what better way to end his first bottoming experience than to have the scared straight boy blow me, swallow my load, and suck the cum of my spent cock?!?

About Jack Jagger: Jack Jagger responded to an open casting call with ‘I’m an anal virgin but would love to lose it doing a male film!’ He and a buddy had exchanged blow jobs, but other than that one time he has never done anything with a guy. Jack’s look is unique to the site. He’s tall, very thin, and good looking, but definitely not a twink. He’s a little too rough for me to consider him a twink. He has beautiful blue eyes, and for those of you who like natural body hair, he lacks any manscaping. His thick treasure trail is to die for. His personality is what makes his videos. And when he’s nervous he talks and laughs, so there is a lot of cross talk and laughter in his videos. He considers himself straight, but wants to know if gay anal sex has anything to offer. He has been with the same woman on again, off again, for eight years, since their freshman year of high school, and they have two children together. I asked if she knew that he blew a guy, and he looked panicked, blurting, ‘No! And she has no idea I’m trying anal with you, either.’ I asked, ‘What happens if she finds out?’ ‘I guess we’ll be off again,’ he replied.

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