Hunter in "Oral Pleasure"

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About “Oral Pleasure: Hunter has a phenomenal meaty cock and a stellar muscular ass, and I spent a lot of time in this video buried between his legs giving him oral pleasure. We jump right into the scene with me sucking Hunter, his cock getting fuck hard in my mouth. It’s a sloppy blow job with lots of saliva and precum dripping from my mouth and streaming down his shaft. When he asks if he can jerk off for a while I work his nuts, but I had an ulterior motive. I want to rim him, and while I had my tongue buried deep in his ass hole it got me so turned on that I shot a hefty load all over his hair chest and stomach. Then he asked me to finger fuck him while he jacked off. ‘Hell yea!’ His hole was wide open from the rim job and my finger easily worked in and out, massaging his prostate. As he got closer I lay down and watched him jerk his hard on until finally he dumped a load all over my cock. Then he took his time slowly lapping up all of his cum off my cock and swallowed it. After the copyright there is bonus footage of Hunter’s first enema.

About Hunter: If you are into young hairy jocks, hotness has arrived! Meet 18 year old straight guy Hunter who has stunning blue eyes, a huge furry chest, a great hairy ass, and a personality to boot!Prior to shooting with me, Hunter had done one solo, one worship, and one action video. And I’m glad he did, because he was incredibly relaxed and completely enthusiastic about doing whatever I suggested.I like guys who are enthusiastic while shooting, the ones I know genuinely love having sex in front of the camera. That was Hunter!Hunter admitted to bottoming once, ‘I hated it! I’m too tight. Plus, this chick finger fucked me once and I was sore for days. I just don’t like things in my ass!’ So I figured I would get to play with his ass cheeks, but no finger fucking. It took a long time for me to slowly and gently work a finger in Hunter’s ass, and as I did Hunter was moaning and groaning with pleasure.

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