David Scott in "Real Sex Hookup Unedited"

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About “Real Sex Hookup Unedited: David Scott hit me up on a social network saying, ‘I’m in the same city as you, I’m a huge bottom and I want you to fuck me before I leave at 7 tonight.’ I Googled him, saw that phenomenal ass and said, ‘Okay!’ We had roughly an hour to make the video. When David arrived he said, ‘Why don’t you set up the camera on a tripod and we’ll just have sex. Whatever happens happens.’ I’ve always wondered what it would be like to fuck around with a guy off camera, and it seemed that was as close as it would get, so I set aside all of my inhibitions and we went for it. I took my shirt off for you, and didn’t worry about my face getting in the shot. This is me having sex with a hot insatiable bottom. We started kissing and I worked off his shirt and pulled his dick from his shorts, tasting it, as he stroked my hard on up the leg of my shorts. It wasn’t long before I had him nude and I was choking on his cock. But that could wait. I wanted to taste his hole so I pushed his legs in the air and tongued him. Luckily, he relaxed and opened up almost immediately, allowing me to tongue him deep inside. His hole tasted sweet! Then I flipped him over and he squeezed those tight little buns around my nose and mouth, arching his ass toward my greedy mouth, moaning with desire. The cock hound then went down on me, deep throating my cock. And he did this amazing thing with his throat while my dick was buried all the way down, it pulsated like I have never felt before, and I would have loved to have dumped my load inside him at that moment. I wanted more of this man twink. We 69’d and I had him deep fuck my face. Then it was time to prepare his ass for a pounding. I rimmed him some more, then opened him up with three fingers, burying them up to my knuckles. Surprisingly we kissed and I sucked him some more before I finally pushed his legs in the air and took his ass missionary. I gave him a good hard pounding as he begged me to fuck him harder and harder. At one point I was slam fucking him so hard you would have thought it was a grudge fuck. Then I took him from behind, listening to my pelvis smack against his ass as I nailed him like a naughty little bottom. And I saved the best for last and provided some great POV for you. He sat on my cock and I drilled his hole until fucked the cum out of him, his load blowing all over my stomach. Like a dutiful bottom, he licked up his mess, swallowing it. Then he gave my balls a tongue bath and I busted a nut on his face and deep in his mouth. Afterward, he blew me, swallowing the cum off my shaft, and then I did something completely unexpected. I snowballed him. It was the first time I had ever had cum in my mouth, and I guess you’ll have to watch to see my reaction! The first 26 minutes is the raw footage exactly as it was shot without any edits. In the last nine minutes there are only two edits. There is also a shorter edited version available with six minutes of POV that are not in the unedited video.

About David Scott: David Scott sucked me in immediately with his wildly blue eyes, and his perfect little ass that screams, ‘Eat me for hours and fuck me for days.’ In between shots David said, ‘As much as I looooove to bottom and loooove to have cock pounding my ass, I would rather have my ass eaten. I want to find someone who will follow me around all day eating my ass.’ I’m sure there are plenty of men who would volunteer for that job! ‘Are you versatile?’ I asked. He shook his head and smirked. ‘We’re all given certain talents. I have an average dick and a bottom’s ass, so I do what I’m good at.’ Works for me! What I enjoyed most about David, aside from fucking him and eating his ass, was talking with him. There’s something so real and down to earth about these Midwest boys. Plus, guys like David are so wholesome on the outside and when you get them in the sack they’re wild sex feins. I love that dicotomy!

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